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The WCIRB Classification Inspection Report has a New Look

The WCIRB is pleased to announce a complete redesign of the WCIRB Classification Inspection Report. Like Bill Mudge, President and CEO of the WCIRB said: “This represents a paradigm shift in the Classification Inspection Report; we are moving from a text-heavy, hardcopy driven report to a data-centric report that is grounded in a technology toolset to enable greater efficiency, consistency in outcomes, and searchability of data.” All reports issued for inspections conducted on or after October 30, 2017, will be in this new format. Key features of the new Inspection Report include:

  • A modern, easy to read, approach that clearly highlights all essential information and data
  • Clickable links that lead straight to the applicable provisions of the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan – 1995 (USRP) – including complete phraseologies and footnotes for all assigned classifications
  • A list of all the key factors that are the basis for the employer’s classification assignment
  • A detailed analysis of the application of certain classification procedures including multiple enterprises and assignments by analogy
  • A table and data driven structure allowing the WCIRB flexibility to update the report as required to ensure the capture of all information needed to accurately describe California’s evolving industries

This new report is part of the WCIRB’s broader initiative to both increase the transparency of the standard classification system and to enhance our capacity to conduct data driven research into the landscape of California’s businesses.

View an interactive sample of the new Classification Inspection report at

The WCIRB also added new functionality to WCIRB Connect: Insurers can now search for all Classification Inspection Reports for their policyholders. Insurers can refine their search by a number of attributes including: date issued, assigned classification(s); industry group; geographical region or 3 digit zip code. (Results include all reports published during the past 10 years and are confined to reports issued to the requesting insurer.)

October 31, 2017