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The Education on Demand library contains video modules exploring topics such as the experience rating system, ownership rules and the Standard Classification System. Additional modules will be added over time. To be notified when new modules are released, subscribe to the WCIRB's "Education Resources" e-mail list. If you would like to suggest an Education on Demand module for the library, please email your suggestion to [email protected].

About the WCIRB

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California
This module is an overview of the WCIRB and its role in the California workers' compensation insurance system.
Video Runtime: 18:05 minutes


Module 1: Introduction to  Ownership
Learn how to determine the ownership of an entity for experience rating purposes, when separate entities should be combined for experience rating purposes, and how a change in ownership impacts the experience modification of a business. 
Video Runtime: 21:12 minutes

The Standard Classification System

Module 1: Classification Basics
This module provides an overview of the Standard Classification System including topics such as assignment by analogy and the Single Enterprise rule. 
Video Runtime: 11:25 minutes
Module 2: Classification Standard Exceptions 
The module will help you determine when an employee is eligible for a Clerical or Outside Salesperson classification, how payroll may and may not be divided between classifications, and how to apply the Standard Exceptions in connection with other classifications.
Video Runtime: 14:20 minutes

Workers' Compensation Final Audit

Preparing for the Workers' Compensation Premium Audit
Learn about the workers' compensation premium audit process, why an audit is required, the role of the premium auditor and audit dispute procedures.
Video Runtime: 15:26 minutes

California's Experience Rating System

Module 1: Introduction to Experience Rating 
Learn about the experience rating system, how ownership plays a part, the impact on final premium, and what is included on an experience rating worksheet.
Video Runtime: 11 minutes
Module 2: Loss Valuation and Reporting 
Learn about claims reporting and the various types of claims, the evaluation of losses, and answers to frequently asked questions.
Video Runtime: 10 minutes

USR Reporting

Subrogation Claim Reporting

This online educational module provides a comprehensive review of the concepts behind the unit statistical reporting requirements associated with subrogated claims, including step-by-step examples.  
You will need Adobe Flash Player to view this video.
Video Runtime: 21:12 minutes


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