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GASOLINE OR OIL DEALERS — wholesale — including mixing or blending


This classification applies to the wholesale distribution of gasoline or oil and other types of petroleum products, including but not limited to grease, road oil, fuel oil, propane gas, butane gas and kerosene. This classification includes the collection, filtering and redistribution of reclaimed oil, and the mixing and blending of various grades and viscosities of oil, grease or gasoline to achieve a custom blend per customer specifications.

This classification also applies to the sale and delivery of propane or liquefied petroleum gas to household and commercial accounts and the delivery and set-up of liquefied petroleum gas tanks when performed in support of propane sales.

The sale, installation, service or repair of propane heaters, stoves and other appliances shall be separately classified.

The hauling of gasoline or oil under contract shall be classified as 7219(1), Trucking Firms.

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$4.46 New/Renewal
$4.58 New/Renewal
$4.38 New/Renewal

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GASOLINE OR OIL DEALERS — wholesale — including mixing or blending

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