Restaurants – N.O.C.

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This classification applies to restaurants that prepare and serve hot and cold food and may pour and serve alcoholic beverages for consumption by the walk-in trade on or away from the premises, and that are not more specifically described by another Food and Beverage Service Industry Group classification.

This classification includes but is not limited to:

  • hot food departments within grocery stores;
  • mobile food vending operations involving the use of food trucks, trailers, carts or temporary booths wherein hot food is prepared for sale to customers;
  • doughnut shops that prepare and serve doughnuts and beverages or food for consumption on the premises; and
  • food or beverage operations conducted by amusement, recreational or athletic facilities.

Hot food items are foods that are cooked to order from a raw or partially cooked state to a safe consumable minimum internal temperature using cooking equipment, including but not limited to deep fryers, ovens, stovetops, griddles, barbeques, grills, hot plates and pressure or steam cookers and served hot for consumption by the walk-in trade. This also includes foods that are cooked in advance and served from a warming tray or similar device.

The manufacture of baked goods, doughnuts or filled pasta that are not used or sold at restaurant locations operated by the same employer shall be classified as 2003, Bakeries or Cracker Mfg.

Employers that do not operate restaurants but manufacture or process individually packaged meals or salads that are not cooked to order, kept warm or served hot to the walk-in trade shall be classified as 6504, Food Products Mfg. or Processing.

Mobile food vendors, including food trucks, trailers, carts or temporary booths, that do not prepare and serve hot food shall be classified as 8017(1), Stores – retail, 8078(1), Sandwich Shops, 8078(2), Beverage Preparation Shops, or 8078(3), Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shops, depending on the products sold.

App-based on-demand Delivery Network Companies (DNC) that deliver restaurant meals on a fee basis shall be classified as 7198(1), Parcel Delivery and Messenger Service Companies.

Employers that operate under concessionary agreements to sell prepared or prepackaged hot or cold food or beverages, including but not limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, french fries, popcorn, nachos, ice cream, candy, funnel cakes, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages at ball parks, racetracks, theaters, concert venues or amusement or recreational facilities shall be classified as 9081(2), Concessionaires.

Refer to the Food and Beverage Service Industry Group for a complete list of classifications applicable to the preparation or serving of food or beverages.