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STORES — meat, fish or poultry — wholesale


This classification applies to stores engaged in the sale of fresh meat, fish or poultry with operations that include the handling of unpacked meat, fish or poultry and may include cutting, trimming, deboning or grinding meat, fish or poultry. This classification also includes the slaughtering of poultry when performed by the poultry store.

Wholesale stores that do not handle unpacked meat, fish or poultry but confine the operations to the receiving and shipping of prepackaged meat, fish or poultry shall be classified as 8018, Stores — wholesale.

Retail meat, fish or poultry stores shall be classified as 8031, Stores — meat, fish or poultry — retail.

The slaughtering of livestock, including but not limited to beef cattle, hogs, lambs and goats shall be classified as 2081(1), Butchering. Classification 2081(1) includes the processing, packaging and distribution of meat produced by the employer.

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$7.24 New/Renewal
$6.51 New/Renewal
$6.22 New/Renewal

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STORES — meat, fish or poultry — wholesale

Classification 8021 shall not be used for division of payroll in connection with Classification 2081(1), Butchering, unless the operation described by Classification 8021 constitutes a separate and distinct enterprise having no connection with the operations covered by Classification 2081(1).