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Products and Services Overview

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The WCIRB produces a number of resources to assist the workers' compensation insurance community. To view available products, select a product category below.

All products are prepared by the WCIRB in the normal course of business pursuant to the California Department of Insurance regulations or for the benefit of WCIRB member insurers. The WCIRB has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the products and services.

You must make an independent assessment regarding the use of all WCIRB products and services based upon your particular facts and circumstances. The WCIRB cannot make such an assessment and shall not be liable for any damages, of any kind, whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential, arising from the use, inability to use, or reliance upon WCIRB products and services.

Online Services

Information regarding various online services available such as WCIRB Connect®, WCIRB AnalyticsPortal, eSCAD® and the Coverage Inquiry website . Read more>

Research, Data and Publications

Information for commonly requested WCIRB publications and statistical data products. Read more>

Insurer Data Exchange Products

Receive experience rating worksheets, inspection reports, USR and policy correspondence, and USR control, fine and delinquent lists electronically. Read more>

Policyholder Information

How policyholders can obtain their records from the WCIRB. Read more>

Free Ratesheet Request

Information on how a  policyholder may request a free copy of its experience rating worksheet. Read more>

Coverage Research

Information about obtaining coverage information. Read more>

Custom Products

Products not specifically described on the website may be available by special request. Read more>


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