Products and Services

The WCIRB’s suite of comprehensive tools and services is designed to empower member insurers, agents, brokers and other workers’ compensation industry professionals in conducting their business with precision and efficiency.

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Products and Services


Use the Classification Search tool to view classification phraseologies, footnotes, rules and approved pure premium rates.

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Explore statistical data products and publications available to you.


Discover which insurer wrote a California insurance policy for a specific employer.

Policyholder Ombudsman

California employers can better understand their rights in the workers’ comp insurance system.

Experience Modification Services

Find information about X-Mods and More®, Experience Modification Estimator and more.

Test Audits and Inspections

Learn what classification inspection site visits entail and how to make a request.

Access WCIRB’s Portals

WCIRB Connect®

Provides online access to workers’ compensation policy related data and other information for WCIRB member insurers, agents and brokers and other authorized users.

WCIRB AnalyticsPortal

Provides WCIRB member insurers and other authorized users access to executive level benchmarking reports, wage level summaries, data quality dashboards as well as powerful classification experience and aggregate financial data query tools.


Online tool for submitting California aggregate financial data, such as the Quarterly Call for Direct California Workers' Compensation Experience.

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Robotic Process Automation Service in WCIRB Connect®

Data Reporting Programs and Resources

Online Guide to Workers’ Compensation