Classifying Automotive Repair Operations


The California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP) contains an Automotive Industry Group that includes 25 classifications. This e-newsletter reviews the significant distinctions between four of these automotive classifications that have some overlapping operations: 8389, Automobile or Truck Repair Facilities, 8393, Automobile or Truck Body Repairing and Painting, 8397, Automobile or Truck Transmission Repairing and Rebuilding, and 8388, Rubber Tire Dealers.

The broadest automotive repair classification, designated N.O.C. for not otherwise classified, is 8389, Automobile or Truck Repair Facilities. Classification 8389 applies to automotive mechanical repair facilities provided they: (1) do not sell gasoline, (2) do not sell tires exceeding 10 percent of gross receipts, and (3) do not perform transmission repair or rebuilding as the primary operation.

Auto and truck body repair is assignable to Classification 8393, Automobile or Truck Body Repairing and Painting. Auto body shops assigned to Classification 8393 are most commonly engaged in collision repair work. Vehicles that have been in a collision may require some related mechanical repair work, such as the replacement of a radiator or suspension component that was damaged in the collision, and this is included in Classification 8393. However, mechanical repair work that is not in connection with body repair and painting operations is outside the scope of Classification 8393.

Automotive repair shops that specialize in transmission repair work are classified as 8397, Automobile or Truck Transmission Repairing and Rebuilding. Both Classifications 8397 and 8389, Automobile and Truck Repair Facilities, can apply to employers engaged in a combination of general mechanical repair and transmission repair work, however, Classification 8397 applies when the repair of automobile or truck transmissions is the primary operation.

Classification 8388, Rubber Tire Dealers, applies to tire sellers. Many employers that sell tires also install tires and perform mechanical repair work. Classification 8388 applies to automotive repair shops that sell a significant amount of tires, exceeding 10 percent of the total gross receipts. Automotive repair shops that sell an incidental amount of tires below this threshold are classified as 8389, Automobile and Truck Repair Facilities.

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