Where to turn if you have a problem or questions

The first place to turn for information concerning workers’ compensation is your insurance representative, either your agent or broker, or your insurance company. Other sources include the following.

Issues Outside the WCIRB’s Purview

Claims Handling

Matters pertaining to a claim or how a claim is being administered are outside the purview of the WCIRB. The WCIRB has no authority over claims handling issues. If you have claims handling questions, please contact your insurer or insurance professional.

Employment Status

The WCIRB does not have the authority to determine whether or not workers’ compensation insurance is required (employment status issues). If you have questions concerning employment status, you should contact your insurer or insurance professional. You may find additional information at the Division of Workers’ Compensation website.


The WCIRB is not a law enforcement agency and does not investigate instances of fraud. For information concerning insurance fraud, see the California Department of Insurance website website.

Additional Resources

California Department of Insurance

  • General and Consumer Information and Assistance
    (800) 927-4357
  • CDI Fraud Division
    See the CDI Fraud Division Overview page or call (916) 854-5760.

Department of Industrial Relations​