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SEPTIC OR PORTABLE TOILET SERVICES — cleaning of septic tanks, cesspools or portable toilets — all employees
This classification applies to the cleaning of septic tanks or cesspools by vacuum truck operations. This classification also applies to the rental of portable toilets, including the delivery, placement, service or repair of portable toilets at customers' locations or shop or yard locations. This classification also applies to the removal of effluent and cooking grease from tanks using vacuum trucks when no actual tank cleaning is conducted.

Fee-based sewer cleaning operations by employers that are not public agencies shall be classified as 9402, Sewer, Tank or Hazardous Spill Cleaning.

Cleaning of waste pipe that does not exceed 6" in diameter within property lines shall be classified as 5183(1)/5187(1), Plumbing.

The removal of petroleum or petroleum-contaminated materials from tanks using vacuum trucks shall be classified as 6206(3), Oil or Gas Wells — vacuum truck service companies.

The contract hauling and disposal of waste, transport of roll-off steel trash containers, collection of household and commercial waste and curbside collection of recyclables for transport to transfer stations, material recovery facilities or disposal sites shall be classified as 9403(1), Garbage or Refuse Collecting.

The operation of sanitation districts and sewage disposal plants and the cleaning of sewer lines and storm drains by public agencies shall be classified as 7580, Sanitary or Sanitation Districts Operation.

Construction of sewer lines and septic systems shall be separately classified.

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SANITARY COMPANIES — firms engaged in the cleaning of septic tanks, cesspools and chemical portable toilets — all employees 1/1/2017
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