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Coverage Inquiry Website

The California Workers' Compensation Coverage Inquiry website is a service created by the WCIRB that can help you find the name of the insurer that wrote a California workers' compensation insurance policy for a specific employer on a specific date within the last 5 years. To use this service, go to

Coverage Research Service

The WCIRB can provide coverage information to an insurer, employer, injured worker, licensed health care provider or an attorney involved in a pending workers' compensation claim. Before the coverage request will be processed, the requesting party must certify that he/she is entitled to receive the information, that the information will be used solely in connection with the pending workers' compensation claim and that the information will not be otherwise published, distributed or released to third parties.

Use of Form 807 - Coverage Research Service Request is required for all requests for coverage information involving a pending claim. The form may be used, but is not required, for employers or insurance companies requesting their own coverage information.

  • Form Requirements
    The form sets forth the information the WCIRB requires to process a request for coverage information when there is a pending claim. Before the coverage request can be researched, the requesting party must provide the WCIRB with necessary information regarding the pending workers' compensation claim for which the information is sought, including the name of the parties, date of injury, claim number (if known), and WCAB number (if assigned and known). The request must also specify the employer for which the information is requested, the employer's address, and the year(s) of coverage needed.
  • Fee for Coverage Research
    The current fee for WCIRB coverage research requests is $10.00 per coverage year, per employer. If you are an injured worker, you may obtain coverage information without charge. Contact WCIRB Customer Service to inquire about this service. Fees are nonrefundable regardless of the outcome of the research. The WCIRB requires advance payment by check for all research requests. Checks should be made payable to "WCIRB". WCIRB members have the option of being billed. To request member billing, check the appropriate box in the payment section of the form.

    For additional information, see Form 807 - Coverage Research Service Request form.

Online Coverage Research for Authorized Government Agencies through WCIRB Connect

Governmental agencies pursuant to California Insurance Code Sections 11752.5 et. seq. and 1877 et. seq. can obtain online access to workers’ compensation coverage information through WCIRB Connect. Authorized government users must be issued a WCIRB Connect User ID and password by the WCIRB by completing Form 401, Coverage Search - Government Users. Once a User ID and password have been issued, authorized government users may login to WCIRB Connect.



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