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WCIRB Connect provides online access to workers’ compensation policy related data and other information for WCIRB insurer members, agents and brokers and other authorized users.

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To access the full range of features and benefits WCIRB Connect offers, you'll need to log in or create an account if you don't yet have one. If you're already enrolled, simply click the button below to explore what Connect has to offer. For new users, scroll down to find specific instructions tailored to your customer type. Whether you're an insurer member, an agent/broker or a claims adjuster, Connect has an account creation process for you.

With WCIRB Connect, licensed agents and brokers have instant access to:

  • Experience modifications (X-Mods) and X-Mod eligibility information by policyholder name, FEIN or WCIRB Bureau Number
  • Risk Summary Reports showing 10 years of X-Mod history
  • WCIRB assigned classifications
  • Experience rating worksheets (ratesheets) and inspection reports (policyholder authorization required)
  • X-Mod Direct® email alerts when X-Mods are published or revised
  • Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS)® report (policyholder authorization required)
  • Ownership Information Submission Tool


Licensed agents or brokers may enroll individually, or an agency or brokerage that meets the stated requirements may enroll as a business entity and designate a general system administrator to manage its own user accounts. To qualify for a business entity account, a licensed agency or brokerage must need 25 or more user accounts.

Member insurers have instant access to:

  • Unit Statistical Reports (USRs) and policy submission and detailed policy information 
  • USR and policy audit error work queue to resolve queries online
  • Policyholder information such as:
    • Experience modifications (X-Mods), X-Mod eligibility information
    • WCIRB assigned classifications
    • X-Mod Direct email alerts when X-Mods are published or revised
    • Experience rating worksheets (ratesheets) and inspection reports
    • Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS) reports
    • Test audit work queue to submit materials electronically
  • On-demand reports and other data products
  • Ownership Information Submission Tool

The WCIRB also allows authorized member insurers to access X-Mods in WCIRB Connect using a robotic process automation (RPA) service. Read more about Robotic Process Automation Service in WCIRB Connect®.


Many WCIRB member insurers are already using WCIRB Connect. If you work for a WCIRB member insurer and wish to check your company's enrollment status, email [email protected]. We can tell you whether your company has begun the process or who is the general system administrator for your company.

Third Party Entities (TPEs)

Insurer members who use TPEs can authorize and set up TPEs to access specific policyholder information on WCIRB Connect. Learn more about WCIRB Connect Access Options for TPEs.

The Claims Coverage Research feature of WCIRB Connect provides member insurer claims adjusters immediate access to detailed coverage information for policies dating back to 1974 to aid in proper claims handling.

System Administrators

The claims adjuster permission is restricted to the use of claims adjusters searching for coverage information in pursuit of an active claim and the administrators who grant these users access. To get started, please do the following:

  1. Email the Contact Center at [email protected] to request claims adjuster access.
  2. Follow the instructions from the Contact Center to receive the claims adjuster access.
  3. Once you have been granted access, you can enroll claims adjusters to use the Claims Coverage Research feature on WCIRB Connect. Visit the Knowledge Center in WCIRB Connect and view the “Claims Coverage Research and Report Production” quick start guide for instructions.

Claims Adjusters 

The claims adjuster tool is only to be used by employees of the insurer in pursuit of an active claim. Users who access the claims adjuster tool shall not have access to any other tool or service in WCIRB Connect. The WCIRB recommends that member insurers designate a small number of claims adjusters as “power users” for this function.

  1. Ask your company’s WCIRB Connect GSA to create a WCIRB Connect account for you if you do not already have one. Make sure your GSA gives you access to the Claims Coverage Research feature.
  2. If you do not know your company’s GSA, email [email protected]. If your GSA has attended training, we will help you reach that person. If your GSA has not yet attended training, we will let him/her know that you are interested and help the GSA register for a training session. Once completed, the GSA can create an account for you.

If you have questions regarding the Claims Coverage Research feature, email [email protected].

The WCIRB supports the most recent version of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft New Edge Browser (Chromium Edge)
  • Google Chrome

The following browsers are no longer supported:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8.1, 10 or 11

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