Aggregate Financial Data

The WCIRB collects a wide variety of workers' compensation insurance information from insurers. While some of this information is collected at the policy or claim level, the WCIRB makes periodic requests, or "calls," for aggregate data. Historical premium, claims, expenses and other data are collected by the WCIRB using various Aggregate Financial Data Calls (aka Data Calls). The collected data is used by the WCIRB for pure premium rate filings, valuations of legislative changes, reports on system cost drivers and industry results and other research studies.

The Data Calls are required for all insurers licensed to write workers’ compensation insurance in California. Insurers writing more than a nominal amount of premium are required to submit data on seven Data Calls each year. Insurers writing only a nominal amount of premium as determined by the WCIRB are required to annually submit only a single Data Call, which requests substantially less information. Links to the form and instructions for each Data Call and the Data Call Schedule can be found in the sidebar box on the left side of this page. The schedule contains a list of all Data Calls that are to be submitted by insurers to the WCIRB during each year. New member insurers of the WCIRB are encouraged to contact [email protected] to determine which data calls are required.

Each Data Call and the Data Certification Form are subject to the Submission of California Aggregate Data Program (SCAD Program), which encourages insurers to submit timely, accurate and complete aggregate financial data to the WCIRB.


eSCAD is the online tool for submitting California aggregate financial data. Insurers are required to submit all Data Call forms, except for the Data Certification Form, via the eSCAD online application.

Depending on the Data Call, a processing fee of $100 or $250 will be incurred for each non-eSCAD submission of WCIRB aggregate financial data call types that can be submitted directly via the eSCAD application. The eSCAD application allows data to be entered on each of the online forms or imported into eSCAD using an XML form template provided by the eSCAD application.

To begin the enrollment process, please complete Form 103, eSCAD Enrollment. 

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WCIRB Aggregate Financial Data Glossary

Further Assistance

For questions regarding data call reporting, please contact us at [email protected].