Insurers may designate a third party, such as a managing general agent or third party administrator (referred to as a "Third Party Entity" or "TPE"), to act on their behalf when providing information to and receiving information from the WCIRB. Once authorized, the WCIRB will accept certain types of information and data – including policy forms, unit statistical reports, aggregate financial information, medical transaction data and related correspondence from TPEs. In addition, pursuant to the applicable authorization, the WCIRB will release certain information and data to authorized TPEs, communicate with TPEs and facilitate access to WCIRB Connect®.

To authorize a TPE, the insurer must enter into an indemnification agreement with the WCIRB. The agreement requires the insurer take full responsibility and legal liability for the actions or omissions of the TPE and to indemnify the WCIRB for any claims arising from the use of the TPE.

To begin the TPE designation process, use Form 902, Third Party Entity Registration Form and select the specific information type(s) to be authorized. In the absence of a TPE agreement, the WCIRB will not accept information from or provide information to a TPE.