WCIRB CompEssentials® Training and Certification

CompEssentials is our online educational training program for insurance professionals to learn the fundamentals of California workers’ compensation insurance.

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  • Gain workers’ comp knowledge so you can solve customer questions quickly.
  • Learn in an online, on-demand environment.
  • Stand out among your industry peers by earning certification and being featured in the CompEssentials Certified Directory.                      
  • Earn 5 Continuing Education (CE) credits toward a Property and Casualty and/or Insurance Adjuster license with each passed course.

"I thought I knew a lot, but I learned so much."

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Learn More About the CompEssentials Courses

Dig into the details of what you will learn when you successfully complete these courses:

  • The relationships between various stakeholders in the workers’ comp industry
  • When an employer is required to get coverage and the steps necessary to procure a policy
  • How costs are determined (including premium and rates)
  • How workers’ comp benefits, including temporary and permanent disability benefits, are administered
  • How to apply the rules of the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP), including concepts such as the Single Enterprise and Multiple Enterprises rules, Special Industry Classification Procedures, Standard Exceptions, General Inclusions and General Exclusions
  • How to read classification phraseologies and footnotes
  • How to use WCIRB resources to determine the correct workers’ compensation classification for basic operations
  • How the WCIRB classification inspection and test audit process works
  • How to get classification assistance and the process for disputing an incorrect classification assignment.
  • Explain the purpose of experience rating
  • Identify the different sections of the experience rating worksheet
  • Calculate a policyholder's total Expected Losses to determine eligibility and primary threshold
  • Determine how claims impact an experience modification (X-Mod)
  • Use the experience rating formula to calculate an X-Mod
  • Use the experience rating worksheet to answer policyholder questions about their X-Mod
  • Review changes in ownership for businesses and determine what happens to the X-Mod
  • Identify when businesses that share common ownership must be combined for experience rating
  • Know when separate entities can be covered on the same policy
  • Understand why it is important to obtain detailed ownership information when underwriting a policy
  • Use WCIRB Connect® to submit and check the status of a change in ownership for a policyholder

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