Unit Statistical Report Data Submissions

Unit statistical report data refers to specific data elements, including payroll (exposure) and loss information, which must be submitted for every workers' compensation insurance policy providing coverage under the workers' compensation laws of California, including California coverage by endorsement on a policy primarily covering another state. On multi-state policies, data pertaining only to California coverage is to be submitted.

Unit Statistical Report (USR) data must be submitted for every policy, even if written on an "if any" basis. Data must be reported in accordance with Part 4, Unit Statistical Reporting Requirements, of the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP).


The first time a claim must be valued for unit statistical reporting is 18 months after the policy inception month. This 18-month valuation is required to be reported on a first report and submitted to the WCIRB no later than 20 months after the policy inception date. The first report also includes exposure data. Claims that are still open as of the first report are required to be valued and reported again 12 months later (30-month valuation, submitted to the WCIRB no later than 32 months after the policy inception date) in a second report. This process continues until either all claims are closed or until 10 reports are submitted, whichever comes first. See additional information on unit statistical reports in the Online Guide to Workers' Compensation – California's Experience Rating System section of this website.

The WCIRB uses USR data for experience rating, ratemaking and actuarial research.

USR Data Quality

To ensure the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of USR data, the WCIRB targets the most effective methods for maintaining high standards of data quality while minimizing the manual touchpoints associated with the data exchange process. This approach includes both USR validation through preprocessing and audit edits and monitoring the quality of the data using the set of metrics in the WCIRB Unit Statistical Data Quality Program (USDQP).  

Submission Creation and Transmission

All USR data must be reported electronically and transmitted via the Compensation Data Exchange (CDX) web-based service. Hard copy USRs are not accepted.

USR data must be submitted in accordance with the USRP and specifications set forth in the Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations’ (WCIO) Workers Compensation Statistical Reporting Specifications (WCSTAT) as applicable in California. WCSTAT consists of 250-byte records with fixed field positions and if any record within the file is greater or less than 250 bytes, WCIRB Connect® will not accept the file.

Insurers may use the web-based Bureau Edit and Entry Package (BEEP) on the CDX website to create, edit and/or validate USR data before submitting it to the WCIRB. Links to these services appear in the Resources section below.

Submission Testing

Prior to submitting production files, each insurer and authorized third party entity (TPE) must submit test files for approval by the WCIRB. Please review the guidelines in the USR Submission Test Requirements section, and then contact the WCIRB at [email protected] to arrange the testing.