WCIRB AnalyticsPortal

The WCIRB AnalyticsPortal service provides WCIRB member insurers and other authorized users access to executive level benchmarking reports, wage level summaries, data quality dashboards as well as powerful classification experience and aggregate financial data query tools. The products and services on this page are available in WCIRB AnalyticsPortal.

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WCIRB Inquiry®

WCIRB Inquiry provides member insurers access to detailed classification experience and aggregate financial data reported to the WCIRB. Through predefined reports and ad hoc querying, you can view your own company data and statewide data by claims and policy characteristics and with various benchmarking capabilities. WCIRB Inquiry Version 2.0 offers the following features:

  • Statewide unit statistical report (USR) data available in Cognos Work Space Advanced (ad hoc, drag and drop area)
  • Several new USR data elements, including limited and excess losses with user-defined cutoffs
  • Improved large data set downloads
  • Enhanced interactive glossary
  • Improved query/reports performance

The current fee to access WCIRB Inquiry is $8,000 for member insurance companies or insurer groups that write less than $250 million in California pure written premium and $16,000 for those that write $250 million or more.


The Class-in-telSM Tool

The Class-in-tel tool easily allows you to better understand the key drivers of exposure and losses that underlie each standard classification and the characteristics of your book of business within that classification. For details about how to access the Class-in-tel tool, visit the WCIRB AnalyticsPortal – Class-in-tel℠ Tool page.

WCIRB Data Quality Dashboard

The WCIRB Data Quality Dashboard can be accessed through WCIRB AnalyticsPortal. This quarterly dashboard provides member insurer management a high-level overview of the quality of the data submitted to the WCIRB. Prepared specifically for each member insurer, the Data Quality Dashboard provides summaries of the member insurer’s performance under the WCIRB’s data quality programs, including test audit results and metrics measuring the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of unit statistical, policy, aggregate financial, and medical and indemnity transaction data reported to the WCIRB. For more information about accessing the WCIRB Data Quality Dashboard, please email [email protected].

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Annual Business Comparative® Report

The Annual Business Comparative (ABC) Report, an executive view of your company’s California workers’ compensation book of business, can be accessed through WCIRB AnalyticsPortal. Prepared specifically for each member insurer, the ABC Report benchmarks your company group’s data as reported to the WCIRB against that of the California insurance system as a whole. If you are a member insurer executive and would like to access this report, email [email protected].


Complete the Form 310, AnalyticsPortal Enrollment to begin the enrollment process. To determine whether your company is already in the enrollment process, email [email protected].

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