Products not specifically described on the website may be available by special request. Based upon the information requested, the WCIRB may be able to, subject to data availability, modify certain existing data products or create custom products to meet specific needs. The fee for custom data products generally starts at $270 plus time and materials. To place an order for custom product, please complete the WCIRB Data Product Order Form.

For more information on custom products, contact the WCIRB Contact Center.

Custom Product Charges

The cost of custom products varies depending on the request. When the request is for information that must be developed, the cost will be based on actual production time. The WCIRB will provide an estimate of time required and the cost before developing a custom product. Payment must be received in advance of delivery.

Existing Product Modifications

When the desired information is a modification to an existing product, the charge will include the cost of that product plus an additional charge for the modification.


All orders from WCIRB insurer members will be billed in accordance with established billing procedures. Orders from non-WCIRB members must be accompanied by full payment, including any applicable sales tax or by completing required VISA or MASTERCARD information on the order form.

Order Form

Email the WCIRB Contact Center to discuss the custom data product. The Contact Center will provide a description to enter in Section VII. Under Catalog Number, enter AC9000A and leave the Price Not to Exceed column blank. Upon receipt of the completed form, the WCIRB Contact Center will advise the Price Not to Exceed amount.