The publications listed below are part of the Insurance Commissioner's regulations for workers' compensation insurance and may be helpful in answering questions concerning workers' compensation insurance in California.

For additional information, see California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 and California Workers' Compensation Experience Rating Plan—1995.

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California Insurance Code

Below is a list of sections from the California Insurance Code that deal with the California Workers' Compensation Insurance system.

  • §11730 et seq.
    Definition of the classification system, experience rating and pure premium rates
  • §11734 et seq.
    Mandatory experience rating
  • §11735 et seq.
    Insurer filings
  • §11750 et seq.
    Rating organization (WCIRB), reporting losses, authority to inspect for classification assignment purposes, authority to perform test audits, disclosure of policyholder coverage and rating information
  • §11752.5-11752.7
    WCIRB's exemption and authority
  • §11753.2
    Changes in classification

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