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WCIRB CompEssentials Online Training Program


CompEssentials® is the WCIRB's acclaimed online educational training program, providing insurance professionals access to a series of on-demand, self-paced modules explaining the fundamentals of workers’ compensation insurance. Through these courses, students will learn how to apply the rules of the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995  (USRP) and the California Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Plan—1995  (ERP), and be better prepared to serve policyholders. 

Each course is approved for 5 CEU toward a Property Casualty and/or Insurance Adjuster license with the CaIifornia Department of Insurance.

Available Courses

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In order to purchase a course, create a user account for WCIRB CompEssentials. Register at the appropriate link below:

For WCIRB Members
(Insurers Only) 
For Agents and Brokers For Government Agencies For Other Non-Members 
(TPEs, Policyholders, Fee Auditors,
general public et al.)

    Learn more in the How to Register for an Account handout.

    By registering for a course you are verifying that all information provided at the time of enrollment is accurate. The WCIRB will contact you for settlement if incomplete or inaccurate information is entered that results in a billing error. Failure to cooperate may result in suspension of your enrollment. Contact [email protected] with questions regarding registration.

    CompEssentials Course Pricing

    To qualify for the discounted pricing, bulk course transactions (30 or more enrollments) must be purchased at the same time. Please note that prior individual course purchases cannot be applied toward a bulk discount. For more information, or to purchase a bulk enrollment for CompEssentials, please contact [email protected].

    Payments are accepted only via Visa or Mastercard. All sales are final and non-transferable. The time limit provided to complete the course is not extendable, so prior to purchase you must ensure you are able to complete the course within the specified time frame.  Learn more in the How to Purchase a Course handout.

    Features and Format

    Each WCIRB CompEssentials course includes a series of modules that feature narration, interactive elements, exercises and ungraded quizzes called “knowledge checks” that allow you to immediately apply concepts as you learn them.  Courses also feature a transcript of the narration, and a glossary to view definitions of key terms. At the end of each course, there is a graded final examination for you to demonstrate your comprehension of the information presented.

    All modules in the courses are on-demand, allowing you to start, stop and resume the lessons on your own schedule. For added convenience, courses are also accessible on mobile devices.

    All WCIRB CompEssentials course will be submitted for CEU approval with the California Department of Insurance. Everyone who passes the final exam will receive a certificate of completion.



    Users can register and access courses on a desktop or mobile device using Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. You may register using a business or personal e-mail account, however in order to retain your progress and resume courses where you left off you must use the same login information each time.


    You will have 180 days to complete a course. You may not skip ahead within a module, and must view each screen and complete all interactions and Knowledge Check questions to proceed. The date of completion is considered the date that you successfully pass the course Final Examination. A certificate of completion will be issued to students who finish the course and pass the final examination with a score of 75% or higher.


    When I click Launch to view a course, nothing happens - what do I do?
    Check your internet browser settings to ensure that all pop-up blockers have been disabled.

    How do I register and login?
    Register for a WCIRB CompEssentials account here. Once you have created an account, you can browse the course catalog and purchase or enroll in courses.
    If you have already created an account, log in at  Read more information in the How to Register for an Account handout.

    There are several people at my company who want to take the course. Can I register multiple people?
    Yes. In the checkout, you can change the number of enrollments you wish to purchase. This allows you to pre-pay for several people to enroll in a course. Note that there is discounted pricing for purchasing 30 or more enrollments at once, however you must contact [email protected] to receive the discount.
    When you purchase multiple seats, a unique link will be generated that you can share with others to access the course as part of the pre-paid enrollment.  Note that each student must login via this dedicated link using their own credentials to receive credit and retain their progress in a course. Learn more in the How to Purchase a Course handout.

    How long do I have to complete the course?
    You have 180 days from the date you begin the course to complete it.  CompEssentials courses are self-paced, meaning you do not have to complete the course in one session, and may log out at any time. When you log back in, click "Resume" and the course will recommence where you left off.

    Will I get credit for passing the course?
    A certificate of completion is provided electronically upon successful completion of the course.

    Can I get CEU credits for passing the course?
    CompEssentials courses will be submitted for approval with the California Department of Insurance for CEU approval. The number of credits will vary depending on the length of the course. WCIRB CompEssentials: Classification Basics and Experience Rating Fundamentals are each approved for five continuing education credits toward a Property and Casualty license. You are responsible for ensuring that your user profile has been updated to include your individual California insurance license number to receive credit. Failure to provide this information may prevent you from receiving credit. Please allow up to 30 days from the date of course completion for credits to be applied.

    I registered for a course but can longer take it. Can I get a refund or transfer?
    All sales are final, and no refunds will be granted. Courses are non-transferable.

    When can I take the Final Exam?
    The Final Examination will be accessible once you have completed all modules. You cannot “test-out” or take the Final Exam before completing the course in its entirety.

    How long do I have to complete the Final Exam?
    The Final Exam is not timed. However, you have a total of 180 days from the date that you begin the course to complete it, including the Final Exam.

    Can I retake the Final Exam if I don’t pass?
    You may take the Final Exam up to two additional times if you do not pass on your first attempt. It you fail to pass the Final Exam after the third attempt, you will be required to re-enroll and re-take the course before you can attempt the Final Exam again. You will be automatically notified of your score once you complete the Final Exam.

    Help and Support

    WCIRB CompEssentials can be accessed online with a desktop or mobile device using Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
    For compatibility, turn off any internet pop-up blockers when accessing the course.

    Contact [email protected] for technical support.
    Please allow at least one business day for a response.