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Robotic Process Automation Service in WCIRB Connect®

The WCIRB is dedicated to providing products and services that allow our members to access information quickly and efficiently. In an effort to accomplish this, the WCIRB is offering insurers the opportunity to access X-Mods in WCIRB Connect using a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service. The RPA service allows authorized insurers that have executed a Connect Services Agreement and RPA Addendum to automate the retrieval of X-Mods, which would otherwise have to be accessed manually. This option is available only for member insurers.

To begin the registration process, an Insurer must complete WCIRB Form 906, Robotic Tool Registration – WCIRB Connect  and meet the WCIRB Access and Technical Specification Requirements. Limitations on the use of Robotic Tools, if applicable, are posted in the WCIRB Connect Knowledge Center, which Insurers must check periodically to ensure compliance. The WCIRB will monitor and continually assess all authorized Robotic Tools being used in WCIRB Connect and, at its discretion, may impose limits and throttling as necessary.

For more information about the use of the RPA service in WCIRB Connect, please contact the WCIRB Contact Center at [email protected] or 888.229.2472.

The only way for an insurer to obtain authorization to use a Robotic Tool in WCIRB Connect is to execute a Connect Services Agreement and Bot Addendum; if the Agreement and Addendum have not been executed the use of a Robotic Tool is not authorized. Please note that the unauthorized use of robotic tools in WCIRB Connect is not permitted and is a violation of the WCIRB’s Terms of Use.

Information about real-time automated access to risk-level information including X-Mods, assigned class codes, named insureds, policy addresses and more can be found on the WCIRB’s website at WCIRB X-Mods and More™