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Information for New WCIRB Members

WCIRB Overview

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) is the designated statistical agent of the California Insurance Commissioner. For over one hundred years, the WCIRB has been California’s objective, trusted and integral provider of actuarially-based information and research, advisory pure premium rates, and educational service integral to a healthy workers’ compensation system. This statement is echoed in the open letter from our CEO and President, Bill Mudge, to the California workers’ compensation community, outlining our commitment to all stakeholders.

Every insurance company authorized to transact workers’ compensation insurance in the state of California must be a member of the WCIRB.

WCIRB Primary Functions

The WCIRB collects premium and loss data on every workers’ compensation policy written in California. The data provides the basis for developing proposed advisory pure premium rates, determining experience modifications, publishing reports on trends in the California workers’ compensation industry and providing useful analytical tools and information to various workers’ compensation insurance constituents.

WCIRB Governance

The WCIRB has three standing committees - the Governing, Classification and Rating, and the Actuarial Committee. These committees meet throughout the year; their meeting agendas, minutes and other related materials can be located on the Committee Documents page.

When necessary, the WCIRB convenes working groups to provide information, feedback and needed expertise to the WCIRB to assist in formulating specific proposals that will be presented to the Classification and Rating Committee, Actuarial Committee and/or Governing Committee.

Learn about WCIRB committees and working groups>

Requirements and Responsibilities of a New WCIRB Member

  1. Becoming a WCIRB member
    1. Obtain a license from the California Department of Insurance to transact workers’ compensation insurance in California. Please go to the California Department of Insurance website for more information.
    2. Forward license information and the completed Form 1101, New Member Application to the WCIRB Accounting Department to complete registration to become a WCIRB member and pay membership dues.
    3. Provide company contact information to the WCIRB by completing Form 804, WCIRB Member Office and Contact Designation and submitting it electronically to the WCIRB Data Quality Assurance Office.
    4. Execute contracts with the WCIRB Legal Department to obtain access to WCIRB systems. 
    5. Review aggregate financial data reporting requirements. Aggregate data is required to be reported to the WCIRB by all insurers licensed to transact workers’ compensation insurance in California – regardless of whether policies will or will not be issued.
  2. Issuing workers’ compensation policies in California
    1. Submit and receive approval for policy forms your organization plans to use to issue workers’ compensation policies in California. All policy forms must be approved by the California Department of Insurance prior to use.
    2. Complete testing of electronic submissions of policy and unit statistical data. Policy and unit statistical data must be submitted electronically to the WCIRB in the WCIO format and in accordance with the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan – 1995 (USRP).

New Member Orientation

The following links are provided as a helpful guide for new WCIRB members to understand the requirements listed above:
Aggregate Financial Data Reporting Requirements Policy Forms Requirements Policy Reporting Requirements Unit Statistical Reporting Requirements

Aggregate Financial Data

Data Calls

SCAD Program

eSCAD® Enrollment  Form

Forms Manual

Policy Reporting Overview

Third Party Entities (TPE)

Electronic Submission Creation and Transmission

Testing Requirements

Policy Reporting Handbook

WCIRB Connect®

USR Reporting Overview

Electronic Submission
Creation and Transmission

Testing Requirements

Unit Statistical Reporting Handbook

WCIRB Connect®

Contact Us
For aggregate financial data reporting questions, email [email protected]. For policy forms requirement questions, email [email protected]. For policy reporting or unit statistical reporting questions, email [email protected].

Other WCIRB Programs and Products

The links below are provided as a helpful guide to WCIRB’s data quality programs, products and services: 
Data Quality Programs WCIRB Products and Services

WCIRB Premium Audit Accuracy Program

WCIRB Unit Statistical Data Quality Program

California Medical Data Quality Assurance Program

WCIRB Large Risk Classification Validation Program

Special Assessment for Systemic Misreporting of Unit Statistcal Report Data

WCIRB AnalyticsPortal

Coverage Information

Ratesheet Request

Insurer Data Exchange Products

Custom Products


Please contact [email protected] for more information regarding new member requirements and responsibilities.