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Data Reporting

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Policy Data Reporting

Insurers are required to submit all policy documents (policies, endorsements, cancellations and reinstatements) relevant to California workers’ compensation coverage to the WCIRB. These documents are examined to ensure compliance with the provisions of the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan) and the California Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Plan—1995 (Experience Rating Plan).

New or renewal policies must be submitted to the WCIRB no later than sixty (60) days subsequent to the inception date of the policy. Endorsements and cancellations or reinstatements must be filed with the WCIRB no later than sixty (60) days after issuance. See the Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan, Part 2, Policy Document Filing Requirements, Section 1, General Instructions, Rules 1-3.

The WCIRB examines these policy documents to ensure the timely and accurate reporting of data, administration of the Experience Rating Plan and use of approved coverage forms. In addition, the WCIRB uses policy information to compile a record of workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all California insured employers.

Electronic Submission Creation and Transmission

Data submitters can submit policy data  electronically through the Compensation Data Exchange (CDX) web-based service. Data submitters must successfully complete a testing process before electronic policy submittal will be approved. Until approval by the WCIRB is granted, hard copy policies must be submitted to the WCIRB.  Policy data must be submitted in the WCPOLS format. For WCPOLS information, see the Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations’ (WCIO) Workers Compensation Policy Reporting Specifications (WCPOLS) located at

Insurers may use the web-based Policy Entry and Edit Package (PEEP) on the CDX website to create, edit and/or validate policy data before submitting it to the WCIRB. Links to these services appear in the Related Information section below.

Electronic Submission Testing

Prior to submitting production files,  each insurer and authorized third-party entity (TPE) must submit test files for approval by the WCIRB. Please review the guidelines in the Policy Data Submission Test Requirements section, and then contact the WCIRB Data Submission Analysts at [email protected] to arrange the testing.

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