WCIRB Connect® provides reports to help insurers manage their policy submissions and policy audit errors. 

Policy Submission History Report (Policy SHR)

The Policy SHR tracks the status and history of a policy data submission from receipt by the WCIRB Connect system and preprocessing validation through processing and audit. The report is updated at each stage of a submission's progress and provides (1) an overview of the submission's transaction (POLS) count, (2) a list of each type of preprocessing error in the submission with one example of each error type, and (3) a count of the policy audit errors by category. A hard copy of the SHR will be sent via FTP to the insurer group as an acknowledgement of the submission's processing if it is rejected during preprocessing review or once it has been processed into WCIRB Connect. This report is also available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for viewing, printing or downloading on WCIRB Connect.

Preprocessing Error by Transaction Report (Policy SHR-PET)

The Policy SHR-PET provides a detailed list of each preprocessing error by WCPOLS transaction. All instances of preprocessing errors in a submission are included in the Policy SHR-PET. The report will include identifying information such as the policy number and policy effective date for transactions, the line number in the submission file where the error was triggered, and the expected and reported values. Policy SHR-PET reports will be sent in Microsoft XLS format to the insurer group when a submission (or part of a submission) is rejected during preprocessing and is also available on WCIRB Connect. This report will help insurers and data submitters identify and correct errors so that revised policy transaction(s) can be resubmitted.