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X-Mods and More™ Web Service

The WCIRB is excited to announce the next generation of customer-enabling solutions, a new web service that will provide our members with 24/7 real-time access to key risk-level data, including:

  • Experience Modifications
  • Named Insureds
  • Policy Addresses 
  • Assigned Class Codes   

This is a significant step forward in our efforts to provide real-time access to desired data.

What is the X-Mods and More™ Web Service?

The new web service will enable a timely and seamless exchange of data by using standard Internet protocols, 24/7 access with no human interaction and limits the risk of errors. Participating members will connect with the WCIRB’s web service by sending a WCIRB-assigned bureau number or a policyholder’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and the web service will return the requested information.

The primary uses include:

  • Machine-to-machine access: Users can automate a scheduled connection that sends web service requests for all of their policies in need of updated data. Application Programming Interface access makes possible the automated retrieval of:
    • Experience Modifications– thereby removing a key obstacle of automated renewals,
    • Key classification data – including the WCIRB assigned classes and the classification that developed the most payroll in the most recent experience period
  • Policyholder name and address data previously reported to the WCIRB – Replaces person-to-machine access: Rather than logging onto WCIRB Connect to manually search for this information, insurers can develop their own user interface to request this information using the WCIRB bureau number or the policyholder’s FEIN and the information for the selected risk will be returned in seconds.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Data available in real time, 24/7
  • Decreases the cost and effort to access and load the data
  • Allows seamless integration of requested data into requester’s system
  • Use only the data you need — if you only need the X-Mod, capture only the X-Mod
  • Improve data accuracy and completeness in underwriting and reports
  • Data is sent in the WCIO standard, WCUNDERWRITING XML format
  • Available to WCIRB members at no additional charge

What Data Will Be Available?

The WCIRB’s web service is being built in conformance with WCUNDERWRITING — an emerging national standard being developed by the Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO).  The web service will return the following:

  • 10 years of X-Mods with the corresponding rating effective year (YYYY) or the full rating effective date (MM/DD/YYYY) if the requestor is the insurer of record.
    • Includes experience rated and non-experience rated risks
    • Identifies if the release of the X-Mod is pending
  • Active policyholder names and FEINs for all in-force policies for the risk
  • Active policyholder addresses for all in-force policies for the risk
  • Count of in-force policies for the risk
  • All standard classifications for the risk that are:
    • Assigned by the WCIRB, along with date of assignment
    • Reported on the USRs within the current experience period — including identifying the classification that developed the most payroll in the most recent experience period.

What’s Next?

We are on track to go live with this new service by September 2017, just in time for underwriting January 2018 policies.   

Members interested in learning more about this service – including the technical considerations or information on becoming a testing partner — are encouraged to contact Kirsty Schanmier, WCIRB Senior Operations Analyst, at [email protected] or (415) 778-7103.