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Answers to Workers’ Compensation Questions at Your Fingertips

December 22, 2021

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) Contact Center provides assistance to agents and brokers, insurers and policyholders on a wide variety of workers' compensation topics and WCIRB-related questions. Did you know that answers to many of these questions can be easily found on, WCIRB Connect® and other workers’ comp resources on the internet? Save time on the phone and take advantage of the following online services. 

WCIRB Website

  • Visit the Insurers, Agents and Brokers and Employers pages, accessible from the homepage, and view the latest WCIRB news and important workers’ compensation insurance information specific to your business needs.
  • Use the Classification Search tool to look up a classification for a business and read current phraseologies, footnotes and other rules related to that classification.
  • Go to the Learning Center and read articles and subscribe to WCIRB e-newsletters covering trending workers’ compensation insurance topics and common classification questions. 
  • Use the Experience Modification Estimator to understand how experience modifications are computed.
  • Understand the fundamentals of workers’ compensation insurance rules and procedures by reading the WCIRB’s comprehensive Online Guide to Workers’ Compensation.
  • View webinar recordings discussing classification, inspections and test audits, ownership and experience rating.
  • In these short videos, learn about the importance of recordkeeping for the division of payroll and dual wage classifications; how to apply standard exception classifications; why it's important for an insurance company to conduct an audit; and how to navigate the workers' comp dispute process.

WCIRB Connect®

  • Learn how to authorize your third party entity (TPE) to access experience rating worksheets (ratesheets), inspection reports, experience modifications (X-Mods) and other policyholder information as well as policy and unit statistical report (USR) information for your policyholders through WCIRB Connect.
  • Once you log into WCIRB Connect, take advantage of the Knowledge Center in the lower righthand column of the homepage and view how-to videos, information sheets and other training materials to help you navigate the system.
  • If you need assistance with a topic in WCIRB Connect, enter your question in the Walk Me Through widget to search for answers and tutorials.
  • Learn how to submit ownership information throughout WCIRB Connect.
  • Go to the WCIRB Connect page on to learn more about the latest WCIRB Connect enhancements and features specific to insurers, agents and brokers and insurer claims adjusters.

Other Helpful Workers’ Comp Online Resources 

The WCIRB also receives workers' compensation questions that are beyond its jurisdiction. Visit the Contact Us page for resources about premium audit disputes, claims handling issues and more.