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Classification Information

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All California businesses are classified using the Standard Classification System found in Part 3 of the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan - 1995  (Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan). The Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan is part of the California Code of Regulations and is approved by the Insurance Commissioner. The Standard Classification System, which contains approximately 500 industry classifications, describes groups of employers whose businesses are relatively similar. Each classification encompasses the type of operations common to that group of employers.

Classification Search

Use the online search tool to search classification phraseologies by keyword and browse through a sortable list of all standard classifications.

Classification and Test Audit Insight E-Newsletter

The Classification and Test Audit Insight  is a bi-weekly e-newsletter that highlights common classification and test audit issues of interest to auditors, underwriters and others.

Classification Research Reports

These reports are presented to the WCIRB's Classification and Rating and Governing Committees, and may be included in a WCIRB regulatory filing submitted to the California Insurance Commissioner for approval. View the reports>


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