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HEALTH CLUBS OR GYMS — including restaurant employees, retail store employees and receptionists
This classification applies to health clubs or gyms operating facilities that provide space and exercise equipment, including but not limited to cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and free weights available for use by clients on an at-will basis for the majority of operating hours. This classification includes facilities and services provided in connection with health club or gym operations, including but not limited to swimming pools, tennis courts, child care and spa, massage and personal appearance services. This classification includes fitness class instruction when provided in connection with health club or gym operations. This classification also applies to facilities that provide climbing walls or trampolines available for use by clients on an at-will basis or for fitness programs or instruction.

The operation of fitness studios or fitness training programs primarily offering scheduled fitness classes where space and exercise equipment is not available for use by clients at-will during the majority of operating hours shall be classified as 8870, Fitness Instruction Programs or Studios.

The operation of spa or bath facilities that include saunas, steam baths, hydrotherapy baths or soaking tubs, including massage or personal appearance services that are not provided in connection with a health club or gym, shall be classified as 9054, Spas or Baths.

Hair cutting, massage services, nail salons and other personal appearance services that are not performed in connection with health clubs, gyms, spas or baths shall be classified as 9586, Barber Shops, Hair Styling Salons and Personal Appearance Services.

Public or private swimming pools shall be classified as 9053(3), Swimming Pools or Swimming Clubs.

Tennis or racquetball clubs shall be classified as 9053(5), Clubs — racquet sports.

Non-profit community health and wellness clubs shall be classified as 9067(1), Clubs — community health and wellness.

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EXERCISE OR HEALTH INSTITUTES — all employees — including restaurant employees and receptionists

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