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PHOTOGRAPHERS — all employees — including receptionists — N.O.C.

This classification applies to still photography services within portrait studios and at outside events. This classification includes all operations, including but not limited to processing film, examining proofs, handling, sorting and mounting photographs and assembling photography albums. This classification also applies to noncommercial videography services to memorialize events such as weddings and family celebrations.

Employers providing photofinishing operations only shall be classified as 4361(2), Photofinishing.

Aerial photography operations performed aboard aircraft shall be classified as 7424(1), Aircraft Operation — other than agricultural or scheduled air carriers — members of the flying crew.

Photographers employed by newspaper publishers or printers shall be classified as 8746, Newspaper Publishing or Printing — reporters or photographers.

The production of motion pictures, television features, commercials, music videos, depositions, court proceedings or industrial films that are recorded on motion picture film stock, videotape, digital or other media shall be classified as 9610, Motion Pictures — production.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS — all employees — including receptionists

This classification applies to photo processing operations, including but not limited to film processing, photograph restoration, printing of digital photographs, assembly of photography albums and printing of photograph enlargements for other concerns on a fee basis. This classification includes the sale of related merchandise including film and photography supplies not exceeding 25% of gross receipts.

Photo processing operations performed in support of developing, printing or distributing motion pictures or motion picture film restoration by the employer shall be classified as 4362, Motion Pictures — negative and print processors, distributors and film exchanges.

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