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FAQs: WCIRB Connect® Ownership Information Submission Tool

Can an agent or broker submit an ownership request if the name of the agency or brokerage is not on the policy?

Yes, agent and broker users of WCIRB Connect may submit an ownership request on any policyholder for an insurer to review.

If the insurer is not aware of the agent or broker role as it relates to the policyholder, additional information detailing the relationship should be entered in the Narrative Text field.

Are there any restrictions limiting who can submit the information in WCIRB Connect?

No, any agent or broker who is enrolled, or whose company is enrolled, in WCIRB Connect can submit ownership information.

Any insurer who has enrolled in WCIRB Connect can set up their employees as users in WCIRB Connect to submit ownership information.

In addition, any TPA/MGA (Third Party Administrator/Managing General Agent) company that has been granted the permission of Unrestricted: Insurer-Level by their insurer may submit ownership information in WCIRB Connect on behalf of that insurer. WCIRB Connect accounts for TPA/MGA users are managed by their insurer General System Administrator (GSA).

How will the insurer know when an agent or broker has submitted an ownership request via WCIRB Connect?

The insurer is notified two-fold when an agent or broker user of WCIRB Connect submits ownership information for the insurer’s review:

  1. A new “Own Request” work item will appear in the insurer’s Work Queue in WCIRB Connect, requiring that the insurer approve or deny the request.
  2. An automatic email is sent to the insurer’s Policy Issuing Office (PIO) contact on file with the WCIRB, identifying the submitting agent or broker and advising the insurer to review the work item in its Work Queue.

To add or change the WCIRB’S PIO contact, contact your WCIRB Connect Group Systems Administrator (GSA) or the WCIRB’s Customer Service team at [email protected].

If an agent or broker doesn't have the insurer's email address, will the ownership request be automatically denied?

No, an additional email address is not required to be entered into the "Route to" field. If the agent or broker enters an email address into the "Route to" field, that person will be notified in addition to the insurer’s Policy Issuing Office (PIO) contact on file with the WCIRB.

Once an agent or broker submits a request, it is up to the insurer to review and approve or deny the request. WCIRB Connect will never automatically deny a submitted request.

If not all of the required information is available when the submitter begins the request, can the partial information that has been entered be saved and the remaining information be completed at a later time?

Yes, to save progress made in entering the requested information prior to clicking submit, just click the Pend icon. This will save the information entered for up to 45 days.

Agents and brokers can resume pending requests from the Request Status screen and insurers can resume pending requests from the Work Queue screen. If a request is pending for more than 30 days, the WCIRB will send an automatic email advising that the request will be deleted in another 15 days if it is not submitted by that time.

If a mistake is made, or if a request is denied, can the particular information previously entered be edited and resubmitted?

Although the information can be edited while filling out the request or resuming a pended request, the information cannot be edited once a request has been submitted.

If the information entered must be revised after a request is submitted, a new ownership request must be created. If an agent’s or broker’s request is denied by the insurer, the agent or broker should review the insurer's denial and submit a new request, if appropriate.

If the WCIRB requires additional information on an ownership request, will the WCIRB contact the agent or broker, insurer, or both?

The WCIRB will contact the insurer via the Connect Work Queue.

There currently is no function in WCIRB Connect for agents or brokers to provide additional information directly to the WCIRB. However, information can be provided directly to the insurer outside of WCIRB Connect and the insurer will be able to provide the information via the Connect Work Queue.

Can form ERM-14 or Form 601 still be used to submit ownership information?

No, effective December 1, 2016, all ownership submissions must be entered through WCIRB Connect. The WCIRB recognizes that the ERM-14 is a National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) form and is used by some rating organizations but it is not accepted by the WCIRB.

How can a copy of the ownership submission information entered into Connect be obtained?

A copy of the information submitted can be downloaded from WCIRB Connect as a PDF report.

  • Insurers: Locate the submitted “Own Request” work item in the Work Queue (Hint: uncheck the box “Show Items that Require Action.”) and click on the Comments icon. The report is available in the pop-up (along with any documents attached in the submission). The completed Ownership Request can then be saved.
  • Agents and Brokers: Click on the link in the Report column of the Request Status screen (on the far right side of the table) to view submitted ownership requests.

Is there a way to check the status of an ownership change request?

The progress of an ownership change request can be viewed at any time via WCIRB Connect.

  • Insurers: Search for the “Own Request” item of interest in the Connect Work Queue and look at the Work Item State; this field informs whether the WCIRB is processing a request or the WCIRB requires additional information. (Hint: there may be a need to uncheck the box “Show Items that Require Action”.) Remember, if the WCIRB requires additional information, the “Own Request” item will appear in the default Work Queue.
  • Agents and Brokers: View the Status column for the ownership request of interest in the Request Status screen; this field informs whether a request is pending with the insurer or the insurer has approved or denied the request.

Is my Work Queue in WCIRB Connect just for me or is it for my entire insurance company?

Work Queues are shared across everyone in their organization who has been granted access by the GSA. This allows an insurer to designate a team of underwriters to access and approve or deny agents’ or brokers’ ownership change requests as well as provide responses to policy and USR audits and other work items. For more information, please see "How-to Guide for Administrators" in the WCIRB Connect Knowledge Center.

Agents and brokers should note that the Ownership Request portion of the Request Status page is shared with other WCIRB Connect users enrolled in their company.