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WCIRB Connect Tips: Letter of Authorization Process

March 6, 2019

This past year, we introduced a more secure Letter of Authorization process in WCIRB Connect. Insurers as well as licensed agents and brokers are now using DocuSign® digital signature technology to request authorization from policyholders, making it quicker to access experience rating worksheets (ratesheets), inspection reports and Comprehensive Risk Summary® (CRS) reports. Follow these tips and reminders to ensure a smooth experience with the Letter of Authorization process.

Don’t forget to check the box
When viewing the policyholder records in the X-Mod History section of the Policyholder Details page of WCIRB Connect, make sure to check the box for the row that displays the policy for which you would like to request authorization for ratesheets or inspection reports. If you do not choose one of the records before you click on the Authorize button, then only the CRS report will be available instead of ratesheets or inspection reports.

Check the Status of an Authorization Request
To see if your authorization request was approved or declined by the policyholder representative, click on the Authorization Request Status button on the top ribbon of the Policyholder Details page. If the authorization was approved, the ratesheet or inspection report will be available for download for 30 days from the authorization approval date.

Additional Help
For more detailed instructions on how to use the digital authorization process, visit the Knowledge Center in WCIRB Connect.

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