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Commissioner Issues Decision on September 1, 2022 Regulatory Filing

Today, the California Insurance Commissioner issued a Decision regarding the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California’s (WCIRB’s) September 1, 2022 Regulatory Filing, which was submitted to the California Department of Insurance (CDI) on February 28, 2022. In reviewing the Decision, insurers should give particular attention to the following: 

  • The proposed amendments to sunset the exclusion of COVID-19 claims in the California Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Plan—1995 (ERP) were not approved. 

The Commissioner approved all of the WCIRB’s other proposed changes to the California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995 (USRP), ERP and Miscellaneous Regulations for the Recording and Reporting of Data—1995 (Miscellaneous Regulations) that were proposed to take effect September 1, 2022.

Availability of Experience Rating Information

The WCIRB will begin calculating September 2022 experience modifications within the next several days. Insurers, agents and brokers may access 2022 experience rating information via WCIRB Connect®.

Updated Regulations for September 1, 2022

The WCIRB is in the process of updating the USRP, ERP and Miscellaneous Regulations. Once complete, these documents will be posted to the Filings and Plans page of the WCIRB website. In the interim, the WCIRB has prepared the September 1, 2022 USRP and ERP Changes Quick Reference Guide, summarizing the approved changes to the Commissioner’s regulations. 

The Commissioner’s Decision pertains only to the WCIRB’s September 1, 2022 Regulatory Filing and does not address the WCIRB’s proposed September 1, 2022 changes to advisory pure premium rates filed with the Commissioner in April.

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