WCIRB Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis


The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) is taking the steps necessary to protect our staff while continuing to provide the vast majority of our regular services. The WCIRB is also committed to identifying and addressing some of the new challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has created for the California workers’ compensation system. These new challenges include:

COVID-19 Claims

The WCIRB is actively working with workers’ compensation organizations around the country to create unique codes to identify claims directly arising from the COVID-19 virus. These new codes will allow the cost of these claims to be tracked, measured and treated appropriately in pure premium ratemaking and experience rating.

Basis of Payroll Premium

We have also initiated efforts with the California Department of Insurance and our committees to identify potential regulatory changes with respect to experience rating, payroll reporting, classification and claims reporting to address the crisis.

Impact on California’s Economy

Finally, the COVID-19 crisis is expected to have a major impact on the California economy. To better understand the impact of this crisis on future claim cost levels, WCIRB actuaries and researchers are studying how prior economic downturns have impacted the frequency and duration of claims in light of recent trends in post-termination claims and work-from-home arrangements.

The WCIRB will continue to provide regular updates in these areas.

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