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SANDWICH SHOPS — not restaurants — N.O.C.


This classification applies to the preparation, serving or sale of cold food items such as sandwiches, salads and side dishes that are prepared for consumption by the walk-in trade. This classification shall apply to each separate location at which the sale of prepared cold food items for consumption on or away from the premises equals or exceeds 50% of gross receipts.

Cold food items are foods that are prepared and served cold or cooked in advance of orders and allowed to cool. This classification includes the incidental warming of cold food items using microwave ovens, toaster ovens or heat lamps and the preparation of sandwiches with meats that are kept warm in a steam table.

Classification 8078(1) also applies to stores that prepare and sell fresh, unbaked pizzas.

Sandwich shops that pour and serve alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises or prepare and serve hot food for consumption on or away from the premises shall be assigned to Classification 9079(1), Restaurants or Taverns.

Approved Pure Premium Rates

Effective Date Pure Premium Rate Note
$1.23 New/Renewal
$1.24 New/Renewal
$1.29 New/Renewal