USRP, Part 3, Section IV, Rule 3, Electronic Products Design and Manufacturing


California Workers’ Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan—1995
Effective September 1, 2023

Part 3, Standard Classification System, Section IV, Special Industry Classification Procedures, Rule 3, Electronic Products Design and Manufacturing

3. Electronic Products Design and Manufacturing

The Electronics Industry Group includes a list of classifications that apply to employers engaged in the manufacture of electronic and electrical products. These classifications contemplate manufacturing operations whether performed in connection with the employer’s proprietary products or performed on a contract basis for other concerns.

Employers that design the proprietary product and subcontract manufacturing to other concerns shall be assigned to the appropriate Electronics Industry Group manufacturing classification provided the employer also:

  1. Manufactures the prototype or subcontracts the manufacture of the prototype; or
  2. Receives the manufactured product and performs quality control operations prior to shipment.

Employers that neither design nor manufacture the product, but purchase products from manufacturers for resale purposes, shall be assigned to the applicable Stores Industry Group classification notwithstanding that they may engage in some product preparation or quality control operations.