Letter of Authorization Is Simple


In an effort to make the Letter of Authorization process quicker and easier for insurers, agents and brokers, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) implemented the use of DocuSign® digital signature technology to request authorization from policyholders.

DocuSign is required in order to request authorization from policyholders to access experience rating worksheets, inspection reports and the Comprehensive Risk Summary (CRS)® reports on WCIRB Connect®. Users do not have to print and fill out a Letter of Authorization (Form 810), obtain the policyholder’s signature and upload the signed document to access policyholder data. In addition to providing insurers, agents and brokers significant savings in time and effort, the digital signature enhances the security and authentication of the authorization process.

Please note that experience rating worksheets and inspection reports are always available in WCIRB Connect to the insurer of record without the need for policyholder authorization as well as to agents and brokers after uploading a declaration page verifying they are the policyholder’s agent or broker of record. To access a CRS report, a request to obtain a digital Letter of Authorization via DocuSign must be submitted.

For more information on how to use the digital authorization process, visit the Knowledge Center in WCIRB Connect.