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INTEGRATED CIRCUIT AND SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER MFG. — hardware or software design or development — including Clerical Office Employees, Clerical Telecommuter Employees and Outside Salespersons

The entire remuneration of each employee shall be included, subject to a maximum of $149,500 per year. When the policy is in force for less than a 12-month period, the maximum payroll amount shall be prorated based upon the number of weeks in the policy period.


This classification applies to employees engaged exclusively in hardware or software design or development, computer aided design, or clerical or outside sales operations in connection with the employer’s integrated circuit or semiconductor wafer manufacturing operations.

This classification does not apply to employees engaged in the manufacture, assembly, repair, testing or otherwise handling of integrated circuits or semiconductor wafers or prototypes in connection with the employer’s manufacturing operations.

Also refer to companion Classification 4112, Integrated Circuit and Semiconductor Wafer Mfg.

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