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Filings and Plans

WCIRB January 1, 2020 Regulatory and Pure Premium Rate Filing

These WCIRB Regulatory Filing and Pure Premium Rate Filing are copyrighted, and copies of these Regulatory and Pure Premium Rate Filings can be made only for purposes of facilitating workers' compensation insurance. The WCIRB Regulatory Filing includes changes to the regulatory manuals and advisory plans.

Decision and Related Documents

Regulatory Filing

Insurance Commissioner's Decision
WCIRB Bulletin 2019-15 WCIRB January 1, 2020 Regulatory Filing Decision

Pure Premium Rate Filing

Insurance Commissioner’s Decision
WCIRB Bulletin 2019-20 WCIRB January 1, 2020 Pure Premium Rate Filing Decision

Approved Rating Plan Values

Classification Relativity Review Sheets   XLS   PDF   Product Documentation
Expected Loss Rates and Full Coverage D-Ratios   XLS
(Table 2, Primary Threshold, did not change in 2020. Refer to the Primary Thresholds Excel file in the 2019 Approved Rating Plan Values section of the January 1, 2019 Regulatory Filing page.) 

Approved Pure Premium Rates

2020 Advisory Pure Premium Rates: XLS File | Delimited File
WCRATE (abbreviated class wording and pure premium rates): Delimited File | Product Documentation