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WCIRB Connect® Ownership Information Submission Tool

Agents, brokers and insurers can submit ownership information electronically through WCIRB Connect. This new feature replaces submissions using WCIRB Form 601, Notification of Change in Ownership and/or Combinability of Entities Form.

The new Ownership Information Submission tool on WCIRB Connect allows the reporting of ownership information, such as in the following scenarios:

  • Two businesses do not share common ownership, but the WCIRB has combined them for experience rating.
  • Two businesses do share common ownership and the WCIRB has not combined them for experience rating.
  • Some or all of the ownership or assets of a business are sold, transferred or conveyed to another person or business. 

How to Access

  • Agents and Brokers can access the Ownership Information Submission tool by clicking on the new Submit Ownership Information button on the top ribbon of the Policyholder Details page of WCIRB Connect.  
  • Insurers can access the tool by clicking on the new Submit Ownership Information button on the top ribbon of the View Policy page on WCIRB Connect.

If you or other individuals who submit ownership information to the WCIRB on behalf of your organization do not have a WCIRB Connect user account, please go to the WCIRB Connect information page.

How It Works

The Ownership Information Submission tool will guide the user through a series of prompts to ensure that the user provides detailed ownership information sufficient to complete an ownership determination, reducing the need for follow-up questions. Insurers may be required to review any changes in ownership information that were submitted by agents and brokers through this tool.

If you have any questions, please contact the WCIRB Contact Center at [email protected].